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The World Circuit Racer is a vehicle featured in Burnout 3: Takedown. It is the last vehicle unlocked by players in race mode. Essentially, the World Circuit an upgraded version of the US Circuit Racer although it sacrifices much of its control in exchange for superb grip. The acceleration isn't any different from its predecessor but the cruising speed is also 209 MPH. Players can lay off their boost on the straightaways but they'll need to use it after exiting corners until they get back into full speed. Ultimately, the World Circuit Racer is the Burnout Champion's choice for Burning Laps. After lots of frustration and pain with the US Circuit Racer, players can finally feel relieved that the World Circuit Racer is less prone to crashing.

Blue/white, red/white and purple/yellow are available finishes for the World Circuit Racer. This car re-appears with the same name, model and similar performance in Burnout Dominator as a race special.

The World Circuit Racer seems to be faster than the US Circuit Racer on straightaways (higher top speed), but does not corner as well, giving it a unique driving feel that Circuit Racer/Special Car drivers will appreciate. Both US and World Circuit Racers are slower than the Euro Circuit Racer, which also has excellent handling. All three circuit racers are competitive with one another, making driving skills, not an inherently superior vehicle, the deciding factor in Circuit Racer racer.

How to Unlock[]

Win all Gold Medals for all race events in the World Tour.


  • In Silver Lake, if you turn right at the first arrow block, you will pass right through it onto a road that ends and sends your vehicle into an infinite abyss. The same glitch also works for the Euro Circuit Racer and US Circuit Racer.
  • As well as the US Circuit Racer, this car slows down substantially more than others when you drive against walls/objects, due to the exposed wheels.
  • When you let off the boost while drifting around a corner then hit the boost while still drifting you can get this car to do 227MPH. This is very useful in Time Attack Mode.
  • In the loading screens, the US Circuit racer is displayed even though it is mentioning the World Circuit Racer. This is obviously a glitch.

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