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A full view of The Wind Farm from the mountainside.

The Wind Farm is the west event destination located in White Mountain.

Events and Challenges[]

Below are the Events and Freeburn Challenges that involve the Wind Farm.

Career Events[]

Event Type Event Name Starting Point
Race Catch My Drift South Bay Expressway & Hall
Race Go West! Newton & East Crawford
Race Power Surge Chubb & West Lake
Race Race to the Summit Franke & Young
Race Spin City 1st & Glancey
Marked Man Power Struggle 2nd & Fry
Marked Man Run Like the Wind Paradise & 5th

Burning Routes[]

Event Type Event Name Starting Point Time Limit Reward
Burning Route (Right) Thunder Custom Burning Route Lambert & Lawrence 2:10 Carson Thunder Shadow
Burning Route (Right) 500 GT Burning Route Evans & 3rd 2:35 Carson Racing 500 GT
Burning Route (Right) Hawker Burning Route 2nd & Angus 2:45 Montgomery Hawker Solo
Burning Route (Right) P12 Burning Route South Bay Expressway 2:12 Jansen P12 Track Package

Freeburn Challenges[]

Car freeburn challenges with no time limiter.

Players # Name Type Description
3 22 Windy Spinner Driver Challenge Get a total of over 360 degrees of Flat Spin at the Wind Farm on North Mountain Drive.
8 27 Wind Farm Meet Team Challenge Meet at the Wind Farm.

Timed Car Challenges[]

Car challenges with a time limiter.

Players  # Name Target Part 1 Part 2
6 4 Thrill Grill 02m15s Meet up in the Car Park of the Waterfall Diner on East Lake Drive. Land 20 Jumps as a team over the gap north of the Wind Farm to finish the challenge.
8 1 Flyby 04m00s Each driver get 3 Aerial Near Misses over the gap north of the Wind Farm. Meet up in the Waterfall Diner Car Park on East Lake Drive to stop the clock.