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The Wildcats Baseball Stadium or Paradise Field as it is known in-game is the southeast event destination located in Downtown Paradise and is overall a fairly popular location among offline as well as online events. It is also known for being one of the large open spaces in Paradise City like the Eastern Shore Airfield thanks to the fact that the playing field is accessible. Finally, racers and players engaged in Stunt Run events will race through or around this building for the shortcuts it offers or the discoveries it holds.

The finish line for races, however, is not located in the stadium itself and is materialized by the walkway that spans diagonally over the Webster Avenue and 1st Street intersection.


Two shortcuts which offer protection or a more direct route exist to help racers reach the Wildcats Baseball Stadium.

From Webster Avenue[]

Wildcats Baseball Stadium (night)

Since the Bikes update, the Baseball Stadium's projectors light up at night.

If no speedy shortcuts can be used when racing down the famous Avenue, several sheltered paths do exist to offer protection against the relentless attacks of the Marked Man rivals. On both sides, the player can choose to drive on the sidewalks behind the concrete separators that act as shields against slams and shunts, even though this path is somewhat hazardous due to the straight walls that surround the narrow path.

From Angus Wharf[]

When originating from Angus Wharf and heading southbound, racers should always go through the Waterfront Gas 5 station located on the right since it not only cuts the final bend of the road, but yields a full Boost fill for the final 100-yard stretch. This shortcut can also be used for protection when fighting for survival during a Marked Man event.

Events and Challenges[]

Below are the Events and Freeburn Challenges that involve the Wildcats Baseball Stadium.

Career Events[]

Event Type Event Name Starting Point
Race Baseball Battle North Rouse & Lewis
Race Call of the Wild Nelson & Lucas
Race Curveball Lambert & East Crawford
Race Race for the Plate South Bay Expressway & South Rouse
Race Stealing 1st Webster & 7th
Marked Man Run Home West Lake & Chubb
Marked Man Strike Out Hamilton & 5th

Burning Routes[]

Event Type Event Name Starting Point Time Limit Reward
Burning Route (Right) GT 2400 Burning Route East Lake & West Crawford 2:01 Montgomery Sabotage GT 2400
Burning Route (Right) GT Concept Burning Route Lucas & Hans 1:51 Carson GT Flame
Burning Route (Right) Racing WTR Burning Route I-88 Section 2 & 3 Tollbooth 1:00 Krieger PCPD Special
Burning Route (Right) Grand Marais Burning Route Root & Paradise 1:06 Carson Grand Sicilian
Burning Route (Right) Hydros Custom Burning Route Hubbard 1:32 Kitano Hydros Techno
Burning Route (Right) Cavalry Burning Route Patterson & East Crawford Drive 1:40 Hunter Oval Champ 69

Freeburn Challenges[]

Players # Name Type Description
2 2 Get Social Team Challenge Meet inside the Wildcats Baseball Stadium.
3 35 Go Wildcats! Team Challenge Meet inside the Wildcats Baseball Stadium.
4 29 Strike! Team Challenge Crash into each other inside the Baseball Stadium.
6 10 Baseball Crash Team Challenge Crash into each other in the Baseball Stadium.
7 10 Go Wildcats! Team Challenge Meet inside the Wildcats Baseball Stadium.
8 2 Batter Up Team Challenge Meet in the Wildcats Baseball Stadium.


Wrigley Field sign

The real-life stadium sign shows how developers were inspired by the Wrigley Field.

Without doubt, the Paradise Field is heavily influenced by the Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field with slight architectural modifications made for gameplay. The most evident common element excluding the name is the sign, inspired by the iconic real-life Wrigley Field sign, sporting the same red color, text styling and line patterns.

The fact that the Paradise Field is so heavily inspired by the Wrigley Field also shows how the whole Downtown area of Paradise City is influenced by the city of Chicago.


  • The sandy part of the field shares the same properties as other sandy areas in Paradise City and as such, vehicles have less traction over that terrain.
  • The signification of the date mentioned by the Stadium's sign is unknown.
  • The Wildcats Baseball Stadium is one of the few full structures visible on the Paradise City map.
  • The stadium can be seen from the Big Surf Island construction site with its southwest corner floating above the ocean.