White Mountain is one of two European Locations in Burnout Revenge. It is based off of the alps of Switzerland and only features a long circuit.


White Mountain-0

This high-altitude track is one of the longest and most dangerous. From cliffside routes and switchbacks to enterable buildings and broken bridges, White Mountain provides a heart-stopping experience for rookie and veteran players alike. Most of the circuit winds through the alps but enters a village halfway round. Traffic is usually small and light, but big rigs are more common within the area's civilization.

Crash Junctions

Compared to most locations, White Mountain lacks in crash junctions, but there are four located in different sections of the track:

  • Rank 2 Crash Swiss Roll
  • Rank 2 Crash Dangerous Swerves
  • Rank 8 Rank 10 Crash Cry For Alp
  • Rank 8 Crash Mountain The Kerb

Race Events

  • Rank 2 Burning Lap Reverse
  • Rank 2 Crashbreaker Preview Race Forwards
  • Rank 2 Eliminator Forwards
  • Rank 2 Grand Prix 2
  • Rank 5 Burning Lap Forwards
  • Rank 5 Traffic Attack Forwards
  • Rank 5 Road Rage Reverse
  • Rank 6 Preview Lap
  • Rank 8 Crashbreaker Eliminator Reverse
  • Rank 8 Crashbreaker Road Rage Forwards
  • Rank 8 Traffic Attack Reverse
  • Rank 8 Crashbreaker Race Forwards
  • Rank 10 Traffic Attack Forwards
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