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White Mountain is one of two European Locations in Burnout Revenge. It is based off of the alps of Switzerland and only features a long circuit.


White Mountain-0

This high-altitude track is one of the longest and most dangerous. From cliffside routes and switchbacks to enterable buildings and broken bridges, White Mountain provides a heart-stopping experience for rookie and veteran players alike. Most of the circuit winds through the alps but enters a village halfway round. Traffic is usually small and light, but big rigs are more common within the area's civilization.

Crash Junctions[]

Compared to most locations, White Mountain lacks in crash junctions, but there are four located in different sections of the track:

  • Rank 2 Crash Swiss Roll
  • Rank 2 Crash Dangerous Swerves
  • Rank 8 Rank 10 Crash Cry For Alp
  • Rank 8 Crash Mountain The Kerb
  • Pre-Release: Cuckoo Block
  • Pre-Release: Swiss and Swerve
  • Pre-Release: Crash a Banker

Race Events[]

  • Rank 2 Burning Lap Reverse
  • Rank 2 Crashbreaker Preview Race Forwards
  • Rank 2 Eliminator Forwards
  • Rank 2 Grand Prix 2
  • Rank 5 Burning Lap Forwards
  • Rank 5 Traffic Attack Forwards
  • Rank 5 Road Rage Reverse
  • Rank 6 Preview Lap
  • Rank 8 Crashbreaker Eliminator Reverse
  • Rank 8 Crashbreaker Road Rage Forwards
  • Rank 8 Traffic Attack Reverse
  • Rank 8 Crashbreaker Race Forwards
  • Rank 10 Traffic Attack Forwards