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The Cavalry, P12, Tempesta, and Inferno Van on the Crystal Summit Railroad. (front to back)

White Mountain is one of the 5 districts in Paradise City and is one of two rural areas. This district does not contain as much traffic as the urban districts and seems to be very much removed of events, but contains numerous awkward turns and hazardous edges that are useful when battling at Road Rage or Marked Man events. There are also very few Auto Repairs, and they are pretty far apart.

White Mountain is also the home district of the small settlement of Sunset Valley Town, traffic will suddenly increase in this area and players will find several discoveries there.

Good to note is the infamous Dead Man's Edge jump that is located just southwest of The Crystal Summit Observatory. Also located in this district are the old Lone Peaks Stock Car Track, Crystal Summit Railroad and the Lone Peaks Quarry.




DLC Rumours[]

Since the release of Big Surf Island, the map of Paradise City has cut large proportions of the western section of White Mountain in order to add Big Surf Island to the eastern section of the map. This has lead to the rumours of new content being planned for a ski resort located just north of S. Mountain Drive and Schembri Pass.

The DLC rumours are unfounded as the ski resort has been part of the game since the original release in January 2008 and has not been changed in any manner since.