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A Wheelie is a unique stunt that is officially possible for Bikes in Burnout Paradise. Other vehicles in Paradise and other Burnout games can wheelie too but the game does not mention the term.

Wheeling in Burnout Paradise[]


While traveling slowly, simply pulling the steering analog stick backwards to make the rider lean back is enough to make the front wheel lift off the ground. One must then maintain balance by keeping the stick held down and moving it left and right to steer. The player must also cruise at a low speed because accelerating too much will cause the bike to pitch back down forwards.

The wheelie distance is monitored as a Driving Skill above the -would be- Boost Meter and then recorded like Drifts or Jump Distance. There are also achievements for wheelies of various distances.

The longest wheelie distances are tracked by Today's Best in Freeburn Online.

Here are some guidelines on Wheelies for Bikes:

  • A controlled speed is essential to maintaining a wheelie for long distances.
  • While flipping over backwards is meant to be impossible, some glitches can occur where the bike's tail while stick itself in the road and force the player to Wreck in order to break free from the situation. During normal gameplay however, one should not be afraid to keep the stick back.
  • Turning becomes extremely difficult when wheeling so planning one's route is essential. The I-88 is the best road to perform long wheelies.
  • Side-impacts -due to the effect on balance- will nearly always make the bike wreck.
  • The best bike for long wheeling is the Nakamura FV1100 thanks to its low top speed and good handling.


5 cars in Paradise City are capable of wheelies. Wheeling a car in Burnout Paradise can only be done through boosting from low speeds where acceleration can be maximized.

Car wheelies are short and uncontrollable in addition to being purely aesthetic. By nature, a Wheelie Distance counter does not appear when the wheelie is performed.

Wheeling in Other Burnout Games[]

Main article: Boost Start

In other games like Burnout 2: Point of Impact, the Hot Rod can wheelie if it is Boost Started at the start of an event. The wheelie in itself is also aesthetic here but steering is possible.