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West Crawford Drive is a street in Paradise City that connects Ocean View with Silver Lake. Due to it's convenience, it is often used in Races or in Freeburn to get from the Northern end of the city to the Northern area of Silver Lake. However, players wishing to get to The Crystal Summit Observatory are better off to use Lawrence Road, as it connects to North Rouse Drive, which rings around the country area and is a direct route to the Observatory.


Event Name Start location End location
Race Go West! Newton Drive Wind Farm
Race Save Ferris Nelson Way Coast Guard HQ
Burning Route (Right) GT 2400 Burning Route East Lake Drive Wildcats Stadium


  • Shortcut leading to Uphill Drive going towards Lawrence Road. Great for Races in the upper area of the country heading towards The Coastguard HQ.
  • Shortcut to Nelson Way, towards the Eastern Shore Auto Repair shop and the Silver Lake Junkyard on the same street.
  • Shortcut over a bridge, skipping a bend
  • Two Shortcuts which lead to the same exit point that puts you going south on East Lake Drive.

Landmarks of Interest[]

  • Tunnel through the mountains and into the country (this has side-ramps up to the landmark below).
  • Train Track Tunnel, acting as a shortcut to the following streets:
  • Not really a shortcut, but there's an off-route shortly after the main entrance that goes back onto W. Crawford Drive, handy if you head onto the railway by accident.
  • Lewis Pass
  • Read Lane
  • Uphill Drive
  • Middle-eastern end of Nelson Way