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Watt Street is a Burnout Paradise street located on the north-east side of Downtown Paradise, in Motor City. It starts at the T-intersection with East Crawford Drive and travels east by south-east to reach Angus Wharf at another T-intersection. It is one of the shortest roads in the game as it is only 400 yards long. It also seems to be a popular place for finishing Freeburn Challenges that require you to Power Park or achieve Near Misses.


There is only one event that can be started on Watt Street.

Event Type Event Name Starting Intersection Finish Location
Marked Man Safe Harbor Angus Wharf South Bay Naval Yard


East Crawford Drive[]

The south corner with this road is cut by a small pedestrian area separated from the main road. This shortcut leads players southbound on East Crawford Drive, towards Webster Avenue.

Angus Wharf[]

  • Northbound:
  • A shortcut leads drivers into a back alley between shipping containers (and behind the Auto Repair).
  • A very small cut in the north corner of the intersection, next to an Auto Repair Sign.
  • Southbound: A small accessible area lets players cut the south corner, in front of a ramp leading to the only billboard on the street.

Paradise Awards/Achievements[]

Award Award Name GamerScore Description
Watt Watt? 5 GamerScore Beat the Time Road Rule for Watt Street.


Not very interesting. Players will rarely include this road in their itinerary to any destination in any event.
Watt street does have some value in a Stunt Run. Along with the Billboard, the street also features one "normal" Split Ramp and one double-sided split ramp (it is not advised to "hit" this split ramp in a full-sized vehicle as it is very small and close to the ground).


  • Near miss chains over 100 can be obtained here if you are using the right car. It is key that you are quick but very careful with your driving, because one hit from a parked or mobile car will break your chain.

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