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The mind-blowing Watson Revenge Racer packs even more boost power than the stock version. Revenge is a dish best served at 200 miles an hour.

The Watson Revenge Racer is the Burning Route version of the Watson 25 V16 Revenge. The Revenge Racer has been enhanced in terms of boost as the vehicle gains one boost point. The supercar is one of the fastest vehicles in the game and has good maneuverability like its predecessor. Unfortunately it is not as potent as the original Revenge Racer from Burnout Revenge as Traffic Checking requires a strong vehicle to perform. The additional boost power means the Revenge Racer has an increased maximum speed and is much more difficult to defeat in Races.

How to unlock[]

Beat the 25 V16 Revenge Burning Route.


The Revenge Racer resembles the Revenge Racer from Burnout Revenge with its default paint job. The car takes a few design cues from the Saleen S7 and the McLaren F1 but was designed as an Italian exotic, or hypercar as they are known and mostly takes inspiration from the Pagani Zonda. Other design influences include the Ferrari Enzo, Gumpert Apollo and Lotus Elise GT1.


  • In Burnout Paradise's Free February Update the Watson Revenge Racer's speed stat was lowered from 8 to 6.