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Burnout branding and Burnout pace, with more boost power. You won't miss the loss of speed when you stop boosting because you won't stop boosting. Will you?

The Watson Burnout Roadster is the upgraded version of the R-Turbo Roadster. Little has changed besides the paint job, which has been branded for Burnout 2, and the 1 statistic point taken from speed and given to boost. Its increased top speed makes it better in races where it can now compete with the LM/Track, but remember that it is even less efficient at brawling with its reduced cruising speed and even hit and run tactics are risky.


Beat the R-Turbo Roadster Burning Route.


  • In Burnout Paradise's Free February Update, the Burnout Roadster's Speed stat was lowered from 4 to 2 and it's boost stat was also changed from 5 to 4.