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The Waterfront Plaza is the East event destination located in Downtown Paradise in Paradise City. Several races finish at this landmark and is accessible from a very high number of directions, if not all. The Waterfront Plaza is actually the elevated small garden area distinguishable thanks to the large platinum statue (called the Symbol of the City) placed adjacent to the finish line.

The finish line is at the Angus Wharf and Andersen Street intersection, the latter stretching beyond the intersection and forming a U-road returning to Angus Wharf some yards north. The nearest -official- intersections are the Angus and 4th Street in addition to Angus and 3rd Street junctions.


Many different shortcuts and alternative routes are available to racers aspiring to finishing first.

From 4th Street[]

Arriving from the West or North-West areas of Paradise City and finally approaching along 4th Street, players should pass under the Green Sign Car Park via a service tunnel whose entry is located a few yards south of the main intersection, behind the Red Fox sculpture. Drivers having exited the tunnel can choose to drift right and remain on the Wharf or carry on forwards and use the U-road behind the Plaza to maintain their velocity across the finish line. The first option which consists in swerving right is more hazardous due to the possibility of wreck into traffic found cruising along the busy main road.

From Angus Wharf (South)[]

When heading Northbound on the main street, players should pass under the Rayfield Grand Hotel which -when both passages are combined- completely cuts the bends that Angus Wharf forms when intersecting 3rd Street. However, players should note that the shortcut has no means of replenishing Boost which makes the choice to take the shortcut dependent on the level of Boost drivers have before entering the first passage.

From 3rd Street[]

If a racer is coming from the eastern or South-East areas of Paradise City, a recommended series of shortcuts is using the walkway in the Downtown Park followed by the shortcut going through a construction site including a Super Jump ramp propelling vehicles over the Andersen Street and Webster Avenue intersection. Players should note that this itinerary also replenishes boost for the final stretch.

From Andersen Street[]

Finally, when originating from the east and arriving on this road, players must avoid at all costs the ramp giving access to the El-Train Tracks running above. Instead, racers should go through the Gas 5 station on the right-hand side to refill their Boost bars.

Events and Challenges[]

Below are the Events and Freeburn Challenges that involve the Waterfront Plaza.

Career Events[]

Event Type Event Name Starting Point
Race Eastern Promise Lucas & Schembri
Race Plain Sailing East Crawford & Moore
Race Plaza Endurance Cannon & Nelson
Race Pleasure Cruise Young & Lambert
Race Waterway to Go Hubbard & South Rouse
Marked Man Hostile Waters Hall & Manners

Burning Routes[]

Event Type Event Name Starting Point Time Limit Reward
Burning Route (Right) SI-7 Burning Route Sullivan & 9th 1:00 Nakamura Racing SI-7
Burning Route (Right) Oval Champ Burning Route I-88 1:30 Hunter Racing BRT Oval Champ

Freeburn Challenges[]

Players # Name Type Description
2 27 On The Waterfront Team Challenge Meet at the Waterfront Plaza.
6 15 On The Waterfront Team Challenge Meet at the Waterfront Plaza.
8 41 On The Waterfront Team Challenge Meet at the Waterfront Plaza.