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Warren Avenue is a very short road located in the Paradise Wharf sub-district of Harbor Town. The 400 yard-long avenue stretches on a slightly inclined North-South axis through a lightly populated area of Harbor Town.


The road starts at a junction that involves Harber Street and Hamilton Avenue. Heading South-East, it passes next to the D Ball's B Ball Court and the Paradise Wharf Auto Repair. After that it is a relatively straight run Southbound until it reaches the ending intersection with Manners Avenue, under the I-88 Freeway.


This road offers only 2 offline events.

Event Type Event Name Starting Intersection Finish
Stunt Run Over Construction Harber Street N/A
Race Coast to Coast Manners Avenue Coast Guard HQ


Only 1 shortcut can be taken from Warren Avenue, but it comes in very handy and allows players to either take cover from other rivals, or link to other shortcuts on other roads.

Hamilton Avenue and South Bay Expressway[]

The only shortcut on Warren Avenue runs along the road for the whole length. It it is only accessible from each end of the mentioned streets by an Ideal Hosiery warehouse to the South or a simple unmarked opening to the North. It is easily taken from the South Bay Expressway via Griffin's Fish Sales and allows a direct access to this building when taken in the opposite direction, or a direct access to the building site located opposite to Warren Avenue's north junction, itself giving a direct access to Lambert Parkway.

Landmarks of Interest[]

Listed from North to South

Gameplay Strategies[]

While it is unlikely that players will find themselves on this road during such an event, it should be known that the shortcut found here gives a safe passage to either Lambert Parkway or South Bay Expressway.
Nothing extraordinary makes this road stand out from the rest, the Avenue is actually quite wide and the traffic is modest at most.
Actually intended more as a passage to more worthwhile environments than a Stunt venue, Warren Avenue does offer 1 Makeshift Ramp to help players replenish their Boost Bar.
The Warehouse shortcut that runs alongside the Avenue from end to end greatly helps players in difficulty by shielding them from dangerous rivals.

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