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Burnout Revenge originally featured 79 vehicles including two exclusive crash vehicles, but it was increased to 89 with the addition of DLC cars in the XBOX 360 port.

Disambig iconThis article is about vehicles in Burnout Revenge. For vehicles for other Burnout games, see Vehicles.

Race Vehicles[]

These vehicles can be used in any event in Burnout Revenge but can only be unlocked by playing through the single player World Tour. There are 16 standard models divided into 8 different series to correlate with the game's locations.

Each series includes a muscle car (M-Type) and a racer (R###, indicating the vehicle's boost speed).

Up until Rank 5, the cars are unmodified and represent the ST class. After that, they re-appear twice with modifications and faster speeds in DX and GT classes. Special Cars appear when a player reaches Rank 9 and can be unlocked from there after completing challenge sheets.









Special Cars[]

Crash Vehicles[]

These cars can only be unlocked in Crash events during the World Tour. These vehicles can only be used in a Crash event. However, it is possible in at least the XBOX 360 version to use them elsewhere by starting a Multiplayer Crash Battle, and exiting out when Player 1 starts selecting their vehicle. Crash vehicles have two variants: junk (Weight) and upgraded (Super) vehicles. There are also two special cars that have their default and exclusive variants (Mobile Diner/Madden Challenge Bus and Classic Crasher C170/Dominator Assassin).

Xbox 360 Branded Vehicles[]

Several unique Xbox 360 branded vehicles were made available by either downloading them from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace or by downloading them to a Memory Unit from a participating retailer kiosk, which were phased out in 2010.

All of these cars are free but are only available by unlocking their original variants through the World Tour.







  • Xbox 360 branded vehicles sport unique green boost flames.
  • A "Game Crazy" Xbox 360 branded vehicle was planned as a downloadable promotional car but it was never made available, although A.I. opponents can sometimes be seen driving it.