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Disambig iconThis article is about vehicles in Burnout Dominator. For vehicles for other Burnout games, see Vehicles.

This page lists all the vehicles in Burnout Dominator by their series. Many vehicles are carried over from other games, and some Dominator-only cars reappear in a later series. Keep in mind that stats are not given in the game, so the description of how the car performs is largely an estimate on the part of the author(s) of the article.

Also of note is that in Record Breaker, each Series is unlocked by default, however only the starting car is available. Extra cars are unlocked in the World Tour mode, and each Series is unlocked for play in World Tour via Dominator Points. Thus it is possible to get a sample of a series in Record Breaker.

Classic Series[]

Factory Series[]

Tuned Series[]

Hotrod Series[]

Super Series[]

Race Specials Series[]

Dominator Series[]


  • Every vehicle in Burnout Dominator has a numberplate that tells the player what car it is by game, class and number in the list. For instance, the Euro Classic, the fourth car in the Classic Series, has a numberplate of 'DO-CL-04'. The Dominator class is the exception to this, where the numberplates state the game/class and number in the list (so the Low Rider, the first Dominator car, has a numberplate of DOM 1).