aka KoenigCCX or KoenigseggCCX

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on March 5
  • My occupation is Unemloyed / Student
  • I am Male

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About Me

I've been a Burnout player since 2004 and have played Takedown, Revenge and Paradise. I have a love for games of all types, but the Burnout franchise is one of my all-time favorite series that features destructive racing.. for now. This love for the game sparked my interest to join Burnopedia in 2009 where I contributed for about 2 years to this website. I can proudly say that my contributions have earned me administrator status, however I have stopped editing since 2011 and will unlikely make any major changes to the site until further notice. Be on the lookout for me if or when Burnout 6 is released!

How I contribute

My editing style is pretty simple. I don't know a lot about wiki code so when I used to edit here my main job was to clean up and "refining" things, whether it was touching up on paragraphs in articles or deleting junk altogether. I've also added a number of great images to Burnopedia's many articles on Burnout game content. I do what I can with the knowledge I have and I'm always looking to learn how to improve!


My interest in Burnout is nearly gone and I have stopped playing Burnout Paradise altogether. I've moved on to a number of single-player games and Call of Duty. I have bought both of Criterion's NFS games (Hot Pursuit 10' and Most Wanted 12'), but I do not spend any time on either of them. Most Wanted is disappointing fyi. If you ever want to game with a laid back clan in CoD or if you have a couple of buddies that want to play some NFS or finish BP challenges, my PSN is SilverCCX.

Burnopedia Clan Card

Dominator KonigCCX (Talk - Contribs) Clan Membership
150px-PSN logo color trans SilverCCX Us EST Issued: Feb. 24th, 2009
Mic Y - Cam N - KBD N Available: No Longer Available
Skills Challenges, Stunt Runs, Cops and Robbers, Drifting, and occasionally Showtime.
Clan Rank EliteEliteEliteEliteElite
Burnopedia Admin "None"
Packs Has copsHas toys1Has toys2Has islandHas legendaryHas boost

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BP Platinum This user has purchased Burnout Paradise, and attained 102% on his Burnout License.
40px This user has Burnout Revenge.
40px This user has Burnout 3: Takedown.
Diamond This user is an exclusive member of the Freeburn Diamond Club.
Streetrod This user has attained 100% on his Island License.

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