The musician behind the name...

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CeeX is actually a part of my stage name, "DJ C ee X". I make electronic music. My father is a radio DJ and thus has his own production studio at his house (in Belgium) that I use when I'm around to produce my tracks. I use Cool Edit Pro 2.0 to mix in everything and as source material I use Dance eJay samples for the percussion and a micro KORG synth to generate leads and basslines.

I make everything myself so you'll never hear the drum loops anywhere else!

"Techno House" is the fancy genre they decided to use to describe my style, I know not everyone will enjoy it, but some may, check it out on MySpace (until something more appropriate comes along)! UPDATE: You lucky scoundrels, in my great generosity, I have encoded my music as HD video files that you can listen to on Youtube! Thus you can check them out here! Right down here!


Track released in September 2010. A brand new track influenced by robotics and Cyber Punk. Intricate synths and basslines here for your listening pleasure!


Track released in July 2009. It is the instrumental version of the next track that will feature voice samples from a popular RPG/Shooter...

Can you guess which? Track features a very sharp beat and many percussion samples to make it very dyanmic overall.

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