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Uphill Drive is a road located mostly in the Crystal Summit District of White Mountain. Made of S-Curves, Uphill Drive is seen as by most as great place for drifting. It is also often used in events that end at the Wind Farm. Uphill Drive also contains the Uphill Steps.


Uphill Drive continuously increases in elevation (as the name states), and remains a two lane carriageway its entire length. Uphill Drive starts out from a three way traffic light intersection with Nelson Way. Directly in front of the intersection lies Graces's North Lake Bait & Tackle. The road goes around its first large curve and then straigtens out for a couple hundred yards. On this straight section the bottommost section of the Uphill Steps can be accessed. What appears to be a communication tower lies to the outside of the next large curve.

The road again straigtens out for a few hundred yards. Along this straight patch is a few parked cars parked in the dirt. There is also a break in the guardrail which is part of the Uphill Steps. The road then goes into one last large curve and twists up to end at an three way traffic light intersection with North Mountain Drive. Direct access to the Uphill Steps, a construction site, and the Wind Farm can all be found here.


Car Events[]

Event Name Start location (with Uphill Drive) End location
Stunt Run Falling Run North Mountain Drive N/A

Burning Route (Right)

Reliable Custom Burning Route Nelson Way Lone Stallion Ranch

Bike Events[]

Event Name Start location (with Uphill Drive) End location Time

Burning Ride

Burning Ride Nelson Way Coastguard HQ 2:57


These are a list of the various shortcuts along Uphill Drive.

Uphill Steps[]

For detailed information about the Uphill Steps along Uphill Drive, see Uphill Steps.
  • Perhaps one of the most known shortcuts in Paradise City, the Uphill Steps is an essential shortcut to use when racing down Uphill Drive. There are three main access points: one at the very top, one on the middle straight section, and one on the bottom straight section. This shortcut can cut almost twenty seconds off a drivers time road rule. If the whole shortcut is used it will drop drivers directly on the Crystal Summit Railroad. Drivers must use extreme caution because it is very easy to lose control and crash.

Crystal Summit Railroad[]

  • The Uphill Steps provide fast access to the railroad which can be helpful in stunt runs.
  • Near the very bottom of Uphill Drive is a jump that can give drivers access to the railroad and Nelson Way.
  • Beside the shortcut above lies a straight dirt road which also leads to the railroad. This may provide a safer route.


  • Uphill Drive reappears in Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012) as Cameron Drive with an almost identical layout and side route placement.

Cameron Drive has similar curves like Uphill Drive.