Unlock Car Challenges are a task the player must perform in Burnout Dominator events to unlock a new car. These can vary from drifting a total number of feet to taking down a rival a certain amount of times. Completing all the Rival Challenges in any given Class will unlock the Dominator Challenge for that class (Dominator Challenge unlocks are not listed). What follows is a table of the Rival Challenges in the game. Sometimes an Unlock Car Challenge is unlocked by getting a Gold Medal, and these will be noted when appropriate. Also, just because it is called an Unlock Car Challenge doesn't mean cars can't be unlocked in solo events such as Maniac and Burnout Challenge events.

Unlock Table

Class Event Number Event Type Car Unlock Task
Classic 3 Maniac American Classic Get 10,000 Burnout Points (or get Gold Total).
Classic 4 Race Burnout Classic Perform a 2x Burnout Boost Chain.
Classic 8 Road Rage Drift Classic Drift a total of 3,000 feet.
Classic 9 Race Euro Classic Takedown the Euro Classic once.
Factory 2 Drift Challenge American Drifter Drift a total of 3,000 feet.
Factory 4 Race Limited ST Near Miss 15 vehicles.
Factory 7 Race J Coupe Takedown the J Coupe twice.
Factory 11 Maniac Factory Sports Get 50,000 Maniac Points (or get Gold Total).
Tuned 3 Race Tuned Drifter Drift a total of 9,000 feet.
Tuned 6 Near Miss Challenge Custom Coupe Ultimate Perform a 2x Burnout Chain.
Tuned 7 Maniac Works M-Type Get 50,000 Maniac Point (or get Gold Total).
Tuned 10 Race Tuned Muscle Takedown the Tuned Muscle thrice.
Hot Rod 3 Maniac Assassin Get 150,000 Maniac Points (or get Gold Total).
Hot Rod 5 Race Street Dodger Near Miss 15 vehicles.
Hot Rod 6 Maniac Custom Hot Rod Drift a total of 9,000 feet.
Hot Rod 11 Burnout Challenge Street Rod Perform a 4x Burnout Chain.
Super 2 Maniac Euro Super Get 100,000 Maniac Points (or get Gold Total).
Super 3 Road Rage American Super Drift a total of 9,000 feet.
Super 6 Race Super Muscle Takedown the Super Muscle three times.
Super 10 Maniac Works GT Perform a 3x Burnout.
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