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The US Circuit Racer is the vehicle in Burnout 3: Takedown.


This Indy Car is one of the fastest vehicles in Burnout 3, but it gets heavy slowdowns while sliding walls because of the uncovered wheels. This car is very light and incline to crash, so it's one of the best choices for races, but it can be also good in road rages if handled well.

The US Circuit Racer is the easiest special car with max speed to unlock as players just need to get gold in the Super Grand Prix. It has extremely responsive steering yet suffers from terrible traction. Players will usually notice this problem around tighter bends or when encountering other racers. While the acceleration is lighting fast, it can also decelerate by deactivating the boost or riding against a wall. It is tricky to master but it can set excellent lap records. Towards the end of the racing tour, players will have to master the extremely difficult and infamous World GP with this circuit racer.

The US and World Circuit Racers both share the same model but their stats are comparable. The US Circuit racer is available in red, blue and black. The name is re-used in Burnout Dominator for a race special, although it is the Nixon Special from Burnout Revenge instead.

How to Unlock[]

Awarded for a Gold in the Super Grand Prix.


  • The vehicle is more likely to spin out and/or crash into walls when boosting whilst idle due to its lack of traction and a powerful boost acceleration.
  • The US Circuit Racer appears in the Burning Laps and the World Grand Prix.
  • Unlike the other special cars, both US Circuit Racer and World Circuit Racer will race against each other in a Race or Road Rage event.

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