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The Tuned Sports is the fourth vehicle in the Sports series of Burnout 3: Takedown. It has decent handling and a somewhat high top speed, making it considerable for race choices.

The Tuned Sports has 7 points on its speed meter but it only travels 1 MPH faster than most Sports cars which isn't any help. Despite the deceiving stats, it has better grip than the "Type" sports cars and can steer easily without forced drifting. The acceleration is also fair, making it a decent racer but a poor brawler.

Available colors are red, blue and white, although screenshots and concept images depict it in yellow and orange.

How to Unlock[]

Awarded for a Gold in the Continental Run Race 2.


The Tuned Sports strongly resembles a Mazda RX-7 FD (with very popular aftermarket headlights) in most areas except in the rear which features the rear fascia and spoiler of a Toyota Supra Mark IV but the tail lights similar to that of a more modern BMW E34 5-Series. So that means it could be based on the Toyota Supra.'

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