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Trans-sports is the fifth Timed Challenge included in Burnout Paradise's Cagney Update and is a typical A to B challenge. This challenge however features one of the most difficult jumps in Paradise City and is can be found confusing for new players. The first goal is for both players to meet inside the Wildcats Baseball Stadium and the second goal is to meet up on top of the DJR Sports centre in Paradise Square.


The first goal is for both drivers to meet up inside the Wildcats Baseball Stadium. There are two entrances into the stadium, one in the northeast corner and the other on the southwest corner. Once both players have joined one another inside the stadium they can either stay still or continue moving within its confines before the clock starts, however taking each other down or leaving the stadium before the clock starts constitutes a false start.

Once the clock starts both players must reach the roof of the DJR sports centre via the Fry Avenue Carpark. There are many routes which can be taken to the Fry Avenue Carpark but the route shown here is the easiest road to take due to it having wider roads than usual. The jump to the DJR sports centre is located on the top floor of the Fry Avenue Carpark, the jump itself is at the end of a jump off the roof of the carpark.

The jump located at the north east corner of the Fry Avenue carpark will lead on to a ledge with two sets of jumps at the end of it. The jump on the right will lead to the middle of the Paradise Square, while the jump in the left will lead to the roof of the DJR building.

Once a player lands on the DJR roof they must move out of the way of the other player or else they may be taken down or knocked off and will require to redo the jump.

Landmarks to Note
Start Wildcats Baseball Stadium Mark Fry Avenue Car Park Finish DJR Sports Centre Roof
Wildcats Baseball Stadium BurnoutParadise 2009-07-22 17-54-59-73


Many of the later vehicles will require a run up from the roof of the carpark while much earlier cars will only need a run up from the beginning of the ledge. Typically stunt cars are best for this challenge as they can receive more air time than other vehicles as well as having quick steering making the second jump off the ledge easier.

Aggression and Speed boost vehicles should be avoided for this challenge as they will either be too heavy or not handle well enough to make the second jump. However more skilled players can make this jump in vehicles such as the Hunter Citizen but this will require practice.