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Trailer Trash is a crash event in Burnout 3. It is the first crash event that players will encounter.


Being the first crash event, it is very simple and its main purpose is to get drivers familiar of how they are set up.

The player will be given a Heavy Pick Up for this event. Drive this truck straight past the carless intersection. As you pass it, there will be a boost pickup. Drive through it, then jump off the ramp a couple hundred feet in front of it.

Using crash aftertouch, steer the car into the gold coin pickup and try to aim to slightly nudge the front end of the large flatbed truck. If you do this correctly you should have got the silver coin pickup and should now be in the middle of the many parked motorhomes or at least on either side of them. As soon as crashbreaker becomes available, use to take out all of them . It is highly advised to use the crashbreaker in the middle of the 8 motorhomes because this will add about $4,000 per motorhome.

Alternate Strategy[]

Instead of jumping off the ramp, head straight past it. Try to stay to the left, and crash into the flatbed truck also picking up the silver pickup. Then continue on to the middle of the mobile homes and crashbreak. Note: Avoid traveling too fast or staying in the middle as you will most likely just drive past the intersection without hitting a single car.


  • The name most likely refers to the tractor trailer that is carying a boat on the back that passes through the intersection.
  • The crash intersection is located on the southern edge of the main street town called Holiday Town.