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Traffic Attack is a game mode that is unique to Burnout Revenge. The goal is for the player to Traffic Check as many traffic cars as they can before time runs out. Medals are awarded when the player surpasses a target score for that Event. This can be compared to Crash mode, where each car has a cash value, and there is a set score to beat. It does not appear in any other Burnout game - however Traffic Checking is possible in Burnout Paradise, though when a car is hit, there is a more realistic reaction by comparison based on the car's strength rating.


A stock car checking a taxi, station wagon and hatchback.


Traffic Attack revolves around the concept of Checking Traffic, which can be done in any game mode in Burnout Revenge. Small vehicles like cars, trucks and vans can be checked, but large vehicles such as Big Rigs and Buses cannot, attempting to check these will cause the player to crash. In addition, it is not possible to check oncoming or cross-traffic.

Each event has a set time limit, and a target score to achieve. When the on-screen timer counts down to 20 seconds, a bar at the top of the player's screen starts to drain. When it empties, the player's vehicle explodes and the event ends. Checking traffic adds a certain amount of time to the clock (this can vary between different events), and each vehicle hit adds an amount of cash to the counter. Additional time can be earned by taking out uncheckable traffic, for example if the player checks a vehicle and it hits a same-way Bus or Big Rig, a Skill Shot is awarded. An Awesome Skill Shot is awarded when the player checks a vehicle into an oncoming Bus or Big Rig, and a larger amount of time is added. Any checked traffic that hits any kind of Oncoming traffic awards the player a Trick Shot.

Sometimes, when the player is forced into a shortcut that has no traffic or into an Oncoming one-way road, parked cars are placed at the sides of the road. Parked cars can always be checked even if they are 'oncoming' as such, and these can help the player survive 'drought' areas where there is no checkable, moving traffic.

Each lap the player completes earns them a cash multiplier. For every lap the player completes, the cash multiplier increases, however less time is added to the timer for every vehicle that gets checked.

Aftertouch Impact Time is not available in Traffic Attack, so care must be taken to avoid crashing.

In the multiplayer mode, the game lasts for 99 seconds (the time cannot be extended), and the player with the highest score wins.


  • In the Xbox 360 version of Burnout Revenge, breakable objects such as barriers and cones also add small amounts of cash to the player's score.
  • Despite the game only saying that Big Rigs and Busses cannot be checked, the mobile homes in Lone Peak are also uncheckable, as the player will crash upon contact. The trams in Central Route are also uncheckable for the same reason.



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