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Other traffic vehicles can be found in the game. These vary from $2100 to $5000 in value for Showtime.

Name Picture License Plate Notes Showtime Value
Sports Utility Vehicle 1 Traffic suv2
Empty License Plate


Seen in the urban areas. $ 2,100
Sports Utility Vehicle 2 Traffic suv1
Empty License Plate


Seen in the rural areas. Distinguishable from its urban counterpart by its large chrome grille.
Multi-Purpose Vehicle Traffic mpv
Empty License Plate


Seen in Downtown and Palm Bay Heights.
Guildforder Station Wagon Traffic stationwagon
Empty License Plate


This wood-paneled station wagon is spotted in the country areas.
Limousine Traffic limo
Empty License Plate


Appears in the urban part of Paradise City. Easy to spot from the side. The white version is much rarer. $ 5,000
Mobile Home Traffic mobile home
Empty License Plate


A scenery vehicle not present on the roads. They can be seen parked in the Lonely Acres Trailer Park along Lucas Way. N/A
Note: The name of the station wagon: "Guildforder" is a reference to the town in which Criterion Games are located. The vehicle's badge is faintly present on the tailgate of the car.