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The Toy Krieger WTR is the toy version of the original Racing WTR. Performance-wise it is very useful for boost chaining on the I-88. Its very nimble handling and diminutive size make it a prime candidate for setting boost chain records. However much like the original WTR it can struggle in Road Rage and Marked Man events due to its low strength rating and a lightweight structure. Hence, it is not the ideal car for taking rough treatment. It can also perform well in race events as its Speed boost and nimble handling are an ideal mix for such an event.


The Toy WTR is basically a go-kart from hell. Shrunk to fit through the smallest gap in traffic, incredibly agile and tough to boot, this could well be your dream boost chain car.

How to Unlock[]

It is included with other toy vehicles in the Toy Vehicles Pack for $12.99/€12.99/1000MS, with select other vehicles in the Toy Collection 1 for $5.99/€5.99/480MS, or is able to be purchased individually for $1.99/€1.99/160MS.


This vehicle is a toy version of the Krieger Racing WTR.

This car reappears in Burnout Revenge as the Logitech World Racer.


  • This vehicle was accidentally released by Microsoft on Xbox 360 on February 19, 2009, allowing some players to download it, however it was removed shortly thereafter until its official release.
  • This vehicle can't be used in an Online Cops and Robbers game.
  • This is one of 2 toy cars equipped with speed boost, and is the second fastest toy car, with the Toy GT Nighthawk being the fastest.
  • During Online Freeburn games, other Toy WTR vehicles have a muscle car exhaust noise.
  • The word "Hell" appears in the Toy Krieger WTR's description despite the word being censored in The Archer's Bows have Broken by Brand New - one of the licensed songs in Burnout Paradise.