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The Tow Truck is one of the four unlockable vehicles in the original Burnout and is one of the two "Special" vehicles. It is a big, bulky vehicle which is quite fast for its size and is a better option than its fellow special vehicle, the Bus. At one point in development, it went by the name of Grizzly. [1]

The Tow Truck possesses very low acceleration, causing it to lag behind others at the start of a race and also makes it difficult to recover from a crash. However, despite this and its large size, it actually possesses good speed, being tied for 2nd fastest cruising speed with the Sports Coupe and having the 2nd highest boosting speed, only being outclassed by the Saloon GT and the Muscle in both cases, which are tied for fastest in both categories.

If the player is able to avoid crashing, the Tow Truck can actually be quite a good choice for races, as its large size allows it to push rivals out of the way, though both with crash if the Tow Truck collides at a high enough velocity.

Like the Bus, the Tow Truck does not have any additional colors.

How to Unlock[]

Win Face-Off 2.


This vehicle resembles a Navistar International tow truck.



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