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Players start at the intersection of East Crawford Drive and Hamilton Avenue. Players can start by makimg a left onto Hamilton Avenue. Players might want to let go of the boost before turning right onto 7th Street and into oncoming traffic through the tunnel along Lawrence Road. Players could drop down into same way traffic where the line of cones are and then later take the construction ramp back into oncoming traffic. Doing this will give a player an almost full boost bar once they leave the tunnel.

Players should continue straight across the next 2 intersections taking which takes then all the way to East Lake Drive where they should take the dirt path near the intersection of Ross Drive and East Lake Drive to save time. Along East Lake are 2 dirt paths about half way along the road which players can use as a shortcut. Players should turn right onto Cannon Pass cutting through the Waterfall Diner car park on the corner.

Players should continue along Cannon Pass parallel to the Frankies Camp Ground. Players should then take a left at the end of the road onto Nelson Way. Players choose to either drive around the jump or can run wide on the exit and jump the broken wooden bridge.

At the intersection for Uphill Drive sees another jump with a Billboard makes which can make the intersection easier to traverse. The finish is at the top of Uphill's winding mountain road.

Players can alternatively drive straight and follow West Crawford Drive until they reach the tunnel where a player can take the right entrance onto the railway. Players can follow the railway the entire way to Uphill Drive which has a right hand entrance after a large downhill section.



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