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Time Travel is the second challenge in the Cagney Pack and is the first challenge to involve a specific type of stunt driving. The challenge itself is quite easy as it entails a single drive of 300 yards from the Train Station to the Fountain at the Downtown Park upon which a large drift can be accomplished due to the large area around the fountain.

The challenge only lasts for 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Around 20 seconds of which would involve journey time and it can take around 1 minute to achieve 1,000 yards of drift if both drivers attempt to reach the goal at the same time. A vehicle with low suspension, light weight and sharp steering can beat this challenge's goal quicker than a heavier, taller vehicle with numb steering.


The start of the challenge involves both players meeting up in front of the Central Train Station. The starting line is located within the shortcut marked out by 2 Smash gates. The Central Train Station is located along 4th Street in between Glancey Avenue and Webster Avenue.

The shortcut is wide enough for two full size vehicles so both players can start side by side. Once the challenge begins both players can turn left down Glancey Avenue which is the quickest as it is a straight line so vehicles can gain a lot of speed along the road. There are only two problems with the road; The amount of traffic and the El-Train track pillars.

Once reaching the Downtown Park players have a choice of going through either the park entrance or an opening next to the fountain. It is best advised that the players go in the same direction otherwise they will eventually hit each other.

The amount and speed of which drift distance is earned depends on how far the car is away from the centre of the fountain and the speed of which the car is travelling. For instance a car travelling at high speed that is very close to the centre of the fountain will earn the same amount of drift as a slow car on the far edge of the fountain.

Landmarks to Note
Start Central Station Finish Downtown Park Fountain
BurnoutParadise 2009-07-22 17-26-04-25 BurnoutParadise 2009-07-22 17-29-26-13


The best strategy for this challenge is to use a car which can be controlled easily when drifting. Quicker cars may be able to drift wider and quicker than other cars but many will spin out. Heavier and taller cars tend to be easier to initiate a drift as they are more likely to over steer but they will too spin out. Cars which are lighter will have an easier time with the second half of this challenge.