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The Tilly's Reliable is an unreleased sponsor variant of the Hunter Reliable Custom that has been applied with a Tilly's livery. It was cut prior to the release of Burnout Paradise, but although player access to the vehicle was revoked, it wasn't removed from the game.

The Tilly's Reliable has the same statistics as the Hunter Reliable Custom before the release of the Free February Update. This would have made the Tillys Reliable perform, handle and respond in the same manner as the Reliable Special.

Tilly's is a clothing store chain in North America which sells mainly skating and surfing clothing. It is unknown why Tilly's was dropped as a sponsor, but this isn't the first instance of a clothing sponsor in the Burnout series as Etnies was featured in Burnout Revenge with the Etnies Racer.


The chic Tilly's Reliable Custom is an essential inclusion to the garage of any fashion-conscious Burnout driver. If it's not here...it's not happening.

How to Unlock[]

The Tilly's Reliable cannot be unlocked via normal means.


The model, as with the Reliable Custom, seems to resemble an old 1950's Chevy/Ford step side pickup with custom rims and a Tilly's full body vinyl.


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