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Drive into oncoming traffic of Lawrence Road, then drop down into same way traffic where the line of cones are, then take the construction ramp back into oncoming traffic. Since the car is an Aggression vehicle, this will give it more boost. Go straight across the next 2 intersections taking you all the way to East Lake Drive, and use the dirt path near the end of Ross Drive to save time. Follow East Lake, using the dirt path about half way down the road, until the right onto Cannon Pass cutting through the Waterfall Diner car park on the corner. Go into Frankies Camp Ground and take a left, where you will jump back onto Cannon. Watch out at the end of Cannon as it is a sharp left onto Nelson Way. You can run wide on the exit and jump the broken wooden bridge. If there's a car in same way traffic when making this turn, you'll probably mess up. Another jump and another Billboard makes getting onto Uphill Drive easier. The finish is at the top of Uphill's winding mountain road.

Alternately, Instead of driving onto Lawrence, go onto Newton Drive, then take a left at the next intersection. Get on the train tracks and coast on down till you get to Uphill, where there will be a dirt path on your right you can take to get onto it. Then, of course, travel up the road to the end. This route has very little traffic, but requires much more drifting.



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