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The Run To The Sun is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is a stage in the Championship and is unlocked by completing the Pacific Gate Grand Prix.

It is the third stage of the Championship and is composed of the first Point to Point race in a championship; Ocean Sprint. The player starts in Palm Bay Marina and must race to Big Surf Shores against multiple opponents: 

  • The Pickup in burgundy (yellow, if burgundy is taken) 
  • The Coupe in blue (burgundy, if blue is taken)  
  • The Hot Rod 
  • If any of the above is selected by the player, the Sport will appear in black (burgundy, if black is taken) 


This event is comprised of a single Point to Point race.

Title Icon Conditions
Ocean Sprint Ocean Sprint B2 thumb Sunny



  • Due to conflicting colors, if the player colors their car in blue, the Pickup will be forced to appear in its alternate color as the Coupe will use burgundy and override the Pickup.
    • This can also happen if the player colors their car in black when the Sport is participating in the race.