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Team Crush is a Burnout 3 Takedown co-operative local multiplayer game mode. The mode's objective is identical to the single player's Crash Mode but with two players crashing at the same junction at the same time; therefore points each player accumulates are added up at the end of the round to make the final Combined Score.


In Team Crush the crash junction layout is identical to the single player mode (IE: number of traffic cars, flow of traffic, number and positioning of jumps, etc. etc.). This may lead to both players having to rethink their strategy, thus hitting distinct parts of the crash junction to ultimately maximise the final score.

The layout being the same, Crash Pick-Ups are however adapted to the two-player gameplay. The number of Cash Multipliers are doubled and are placed at different places at or around the crash junction.

Nevertheless, the number of Cash Bonuses (or the amount that they offer) are not doubled and they add only add to the score of the player who caught it.

In order to apply x2 or x4 Cash Multipliers to each player's score, both players must pick up the same one. It is important that the pick-up be the same in order of magnitude, otherwise none will be taken into account.

If successful, both players will see their individual scores affected by the highest multiplier and then both scores will be combined. When both Cash Multipliers are caught by both players, the x2 will be ignored and only the highest (x4) will be effective, making a hypothetical "x8" Multiplier impossible.

Players must also note that among these Cash Multipliers are included the infamous "Heartbreaker" multiplier which divides each score by 2 (times ½). If a player is unfortunate enough to burden this negative pick-up, even if the other player doesn't have it too, both will see their scores halved.