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Takedown Trophies are an award system in Burnout 3: Takedown and Burnout Legends. Each trophy is awarded after a specific type of Takedown or an accumulative amount of takedowns. Winning all the trophies in either Burnout 3 or Burnout Legends unlocks the Euro Circuit Racer.


TakedownTrophy-easy Easy Takedowns
2 Wall Takedowns In A Race
1st Car Takedown
1st Aftertouch Takedown
5 Takedowns In A Race
1st Takedown Rampage
TakedownTrophy-advance Advanced Takedowns
1st Revenge Takedown
1st Psyche Out Takedown
1st Big Rig Takedown
2 Bus Takedowns In A Race
10 Takedowns In A Race
TakedownTrophy-expert Expert Takedowns
1st Double Takedown
2 Tram Takedowns In A Race
2 Trailer Takedowns In A Race
3 Aftertouch Takedowns In A Race
20 Takedowns In A Road Rage Event
TakedownTrophy-champion Champion Takedowns
1st Triple Takedown
1500 Total Takedowns
15 Takedowns In A Race
40 Takedowns In A Road Rage Event
2000 Total Takedowns