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Survival Crash

Doing this in Survival Mode will cause you to lose.

Survival Mode is a gameplay mode that is unique to Burnout 1, where if the player crashes even once, they fail the event. This event is unlocked upon completion of the game, and surviving all the tracks in Survival yields no rewards.


Survival Mode functions exactly like a Race, but the player drives on his or her own. Survival is possibly the most realistic depiction of Burnout in any game because of the fact that even one crash ends the event (many crashes in Burnout render the car undrivable if it were a real life situation). This also makes it the absolute hardest gameplay of any Burnout game, but there are other reasons for this aside from the one crash rule.

One of these is the fact that Checkpoint times seem to be decreased, adding more pressure to the player and forcing them to drive faster and more dangerously to win (and therefore make it more likely for them to crash). Boost also seems to be a little bit slower to earn than normal, and traffic is no longer in set 'formations' per lap like in Races. Instead, all of the traffic is created at random aside from some minor areas.

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