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The Supermini is one of the five starting vehicles in the original Burnout, and is the only vehicle in the game to have the "Easy" rating. It is a small compact car that has good handling but below-average speed. At one point in development, it was known as the Frente GL. [1]

The Supermini is essentially the original Burnout's version of what would later become the Compact in the sequel, and also bears a few similarities to the Compact Type 2 from Burnout 3: Takedown. In many ways, the Supermini can be considered the predecessor of the Compact line, bearing a few similarities and possessing similar traits; the Supermini is a small car with good handling that can weave in and out of traffic with little trouble. However, it is not very fast, and the acceleration is also quite lacking. While a good choice for beginners, it's not the best vehicle for racing, especially in the later championship stages where placing 1st is mandatory.

The Supermini comes in five colors; blue, red, white, grey and black. Although not a possible option for the player, the CPU can also color the Supermini in yellow, a trait shared with many of the cars in the original Burnout.

How to Unlock[]

The Supermini is unlocked at the start of the game.

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