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The Supercar is a vehicle in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is the ultimate racing machine, complete with an aerodynamic body kit, sleek vinyls and impressive stats.

The Supercar boasts perfect ratings in all of its statistical fields, save for acceleration, which even then is still nearly maxed. It is unmatched in a race, and players who can handle its blinding speeds will be almost impossible to defeat. Despite its stats, however, it is not a perfect vehicle and can be a handful for players. In a race, it is unparalleled, but its mind-blowing speed leaves players vulnerable to a higher fatality rate.

Performing a Burnout only worsens a player's chance of survival as the Supercar will succumb to unstable handling in the first few seconds of a new Burnout.

Its stats are less perfect for the Xbox release. While its acceleration remains unchanged, it has seen a drop in control and top speed. It is still one of the best vehicles in the game, but it is debatable as to whether other vehicles can outclass it, such as the Japanese Muscle with its better handling or the Custom Roadster with its more impressive speed.

Like the custom class vehicles, the Supercar has extra color options; the standard yellow with blue stripes, red with black stripes, green with red stripes and silver with blue stripes. The red and green options also change the design of the paint job slightly.

As an opponent in the championship, it appears once in both classes; in the standard Championship, it is the opponent in Face Off 4, and in the Custom Series Championship, it appears as an opponent in the Heart Attack Grand Prix.

How to Unlock[]

Win Face Off 4.

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