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Its speed is exactly the same as all but one car in the Super Series, but the Super Type 3 is a bit of an oddball compared to the other type cars. White lighter than the Type 1, it has enough strength to take out rivals with the consequence of having less control. Expert players can drive the Type 3 and succeed just like they would with other Super Cars, although inexperienced players may find the steering too stiff.

Red, black and blue are selectable paint colors for the Super Type 3.


Awarded for unlocking the Super Series which requires completion of the Sports Grand Prix.


White Type 3

The white-colored Super Type 3

  • During the intro, the Super Type 3 appears in a white paintjob that is not featured in-game.
  • Also in the game's cover, a Super Type 3 in an orange paintjob can be seen taken down by the same car but with the white paintjob. Both are not selectable in-game.
  • Yellow is yet another finish that was available in the beta, although it is cut as well.

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