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The Super Type 2 is a Super series vehicle in Burnout Legends.

It is one of three "Type" cars unlocked alongside the Super series itself, and as such is available to the player immediately upon entering the first Super series events. As with most of the "Type" cars in the game, it retails an identical design to its counterpart from Burnout 3.

Its handling is on the grippier side of the Super series roster; it is much less prone to entering drifts without direct player input, making it easier to handle for less-experienced drivers. This, combined with its formidable acceleration and decent top speed, make it one of the more well-rounded "Type" cars, and a good choice for racers in early Super series events.

Its design differs from the Assassin Super in a few key ways: The rear spoiler is a more basic, single-level wing, the paint scheme is a flat, single-color job, the wheels have a simple 5-spoke design, and the rear engine covers are opaque, body-colored panels instead off glass/translucent like on the Assassin Super.

How to Unlock[]

Unlock the Super Series, by achieving Bronze or higher in the Sports Series Grand Prix.


  • As the engine cowling covers are a solid color and not made of glass like the Assassin Super, they do not have the same shattered glass effects when damaged in events like Road Rage. The taillight covers, however, do show the same damage patterns as the Assassin Super.