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The Super Type 1 is a mid-engined factory sports car featured in Burnout 3: Takedown.

As its physical appearance suggests, this supercar does more than fine in the Race field of work as it moves forward and sideways quite well. However, even though it has above-average weight compared to the other Super vehicles, its performance in a Road Rage is less than satisfactory.

Despite being one of the heaviest supercars, the Super Type 1's takedown ability is completely poor. Apart from this flaw, the car is an excellent starting car for the Super Series. With fast acceleration and smooth handling, racing is this car's specialty.

The Super Type 1 can be painted either black, red, or yellow.


Complete the Sports Grand Prix to unlock the Super Series. This is one of the three cars unlocked for the Super Series.


  • A Super Type 1 with a blue body paint colour can be seen in Burnout 3: Takedown in the intro video, background menu videos, the Silver Lake Postcard, and pre-release screenshots of the game.
    • The blue body paint colour is applied for Online Road Rage events, when playing as the blue team.
    • A white body paint colour is applied in "Hit the Split" Signature Takedown polaroid.