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The Super Prototype is one of the last vehicles unlocked in the Race Tour. Its well-rounded performance is just like all other the prototype cars, but it is the true racing prototype. The control is extremely responsive, unlike the Super Type 3, and its drifting ability is exceptional.

While it feels lighter than the Type 3, it is just as sturdy and proves itself to be one of the best vehicles to wreck rivals with. Another plus is that its boost doesn't have to remain activated in order to sustain full speed. It won't help with the World Tour, because it is the last Super Car unlocked, but it is the ultimate prize for standard series racing.

It can be painted in blue/white, white/red, and black/white.

How to Unlock[]

Awarded for Gold in the Gold Medal Grand Prix.


  • It is the only prototype car not won through a Face-Off event.
  • Some loading screens for Burnout 3: Takedown state the unlock requirements for the Super Prototype as the player needing to earn a gold medal from all events in the entire Super Series and then take on the Super Prototype in a Face-Off, which isn't correct.