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"A grid-based city course awaits you. Feel the heat of the desert!" - Burnout 2 manual

Sunrise Valley Springs is a track that appears in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is the longer counterpart of Sunrise Valley Downtown and features the downtown area, a suburban district and also briefly explores the outskirts of the area. It is sometimes known as Sunset Valley, as billboards advertisements present in other tracks refer to the region as such.


The track resembles many stereotypical south-western United States cities like Las Vegas and Las Cruces, much like its shorter counterpart. The neon lights present in the downtown area, while still present, are not as prominent due to the time of day. A small residential area is featured in this track, featuring several small homes as well as a gas station. The sandy outskirts are also driven over briefly before the track loops back around to the beginning.



The track has multiple blind coners which can work against unsuspecting players. There are multiple intersections during the downtown portion of the track, big rigs and buses are common to find along the road and because of this crossing intersections is made even more difficult. Unlike the downtown-only version of the track this version goes further south through resorts and suburbs. The southern portion of the track is an excellent place to practice drifting because of the wide turns and less traffic.

While still featuring several 90° turns, this variant also features more standard curving turns, mostly present in the suburban area and the outskirts. While traffic is not as heavy in these segments, they can still blind-side the player if they are not careful with their drifts. The reversed route, on the other hand, has a noticeable spike in traffic density, prominently in the downtown area, where the player can often get trapped into a crash near the end of the course as a result of large clusters of bigger vehicles such as buses, big rigs and vans coming out and blocking the path.


There are no major landmarks on this track.