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"A grid-based city awaits you. Feel the heat of the desert!" - Burnout 2: Point of Impact instruction manual.

Sunrise Valley, also known as Sunset Valley, is an area in Burnout 2: Point of Impact, and is one of the seven zones the player races in while going through the game.

This course is fairly wide open, with large roads and plenty of room when it comes to turns, but the dense traffic can catch people off-guard if not paying attention.

"Panic Attack" is the music track that plays in this area's courses.


The area of Sunrise Valley is loosely based on the real-life North American city of Las Vegas, as it is a city with bright lights and large buildings situated within a desert.

Several mountains, cacti, and palm trees can be seen throughout the courses that take place in this area. Both tracks go through the dense city area, although the Sunrise Valley Springs track delves into a suburban area to the south of the city. Despite the name, only one of the tracks can be played during sunrise.

The area has fairly wide roads, making avoiding the dense traffic an easier task than on other courses. The tracks do feature several 90° turns, but the wide road doesn't make them too terrible, even with cars that turn stiffly. Some of the longer stretches do have several medians in place.

Most of them are basic dirt medians that players can safely drive over, but other ones are solid, and will cause a vehicle to crash out if a player collides with them at a high enough speed.

The traffic can be severely dense at some points, and one part of the road even has cross sections which can blind side the player with a sudden bus or truck.


Two courses take place in this area.


  • Sunrise Valley is one of only two areas that isn't connected to another track via a point-to-point. The only other area to share this trait is the Pacific International Airport.