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Sullivan Avenue is another short road found in the Big Surf sub-district of Palm Bay Heights in Paradise City. It is one of the 7 parallel roads that stretch from the Big Surf Beach coastline to the Paradise City River and is located between Moore Avenue and Nakamura Avenue. It is named after Craig Sullivan, Criterion's creative director.


Sullivan Avenue starts at the T-junction with East Crawford Drive and heads south by south-east while sinking below the normal road level. This road is particularly interest as it isn't straight nor flat and instead features bends and bumps. As the road progresses south, it passes under a section of the Paradise City Railroad after which it rises up again to meet with 9th Street at another T-intersection.


Event Type Event Name Starting Intersection Finish Location
Marked Man Seeing Stars East Crawford Drive Crystal Summit Observatory
Burning Route (Right) Nakamura SI-7 Burning Route 9th Street Waterfront Plaza


Only one shortcut can be used with this road.

9th Street[]

At the intersection with 9th Street (on the west corner) is a small paved path separated from the main road by a billboard bearing brick divider. This small section can be taken and leads players westbound on 9th Street. Alternatively, it can be used in the opposite direction (leading drivers northbound on Sullivan) to help attain a better Timed Road Rule when shaving milliseconds off an existing score is needed.

Landmarks of Interest[]

Listed from North to South

Gameplay Strategies[]

This road isn't the best choice for events requiring players to reach a finish line since its corners prevent players from taking the road at high speeds. It forces them to either slow down or engage themselves in a risky Drift maneuver.
Nothing much can be said about Sullivan Avenue when it comes to Road Rage events. The only particular Takedown opportunities are the high walls or parked vehicles on both sides the avenue.
Score Multipliers can only be attained thanks to the unique Ramp that is located on the west sidewalk of this Avenue, although not very steep, this can help players replenish boost or score a few points by executing a Flat Spin or a simple jump.

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