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Stunts in previous Burnout games were not an integral part of gameplay. In Burnout Paradise, performing stunts has become essential and its importance has been enforced by new events, such as Stunt Run, and its online adaptation. Stunts can be performed by any vehicle although Stunt boost vehicles are best suited to perform them.


Stunt NameDescriptionImage
Barrel RollRoll a vehicle in mid air and land without crashing.88 Special Barrel Roll
Flat SpinSpin a vehicle in mid air and land without crashing.
Power ParkPark a vehicle parallel and between two other vehicles from an E-Brake slide.
Two-wheeling*Cause a vehicle to travel with 2 wheels off the ground.
WheelieHave a vehicle's front wheels off the ground whilst the rear wheels are still on the ground.Nakamura FV1100-V4 Wheelies
Rodeo*Perform both a Barrel Roll and Flat Spin at the same time in mid air. This is also known as a Corkscrew*.
* Denotes a stunt or name that has been widely recognized by the Burnout fan community but is not described as such in-game or in official reference material.

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