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DustStorm Barrel Roll

One of the most versatile Stunt Boost vehicles available.

Stunt Boost is a type of boost first introduced in Burnout Paradise. Stunt Boost vehicles are typically fragile but are highly maneuverable. They are ideal for Stunt Run events but some can indulge into other events such as race and road rage events as some are capable of higher speeds than some Speed boost vehicles and some are as tough as most Aggression boost vehicles. Many Stunt Boost vehicles are very maneuverable and extremely acrobatic as they can perform a large amount of stunts with ease. One such vehicle, however, such as the Hunter Olympus Governor, is incapable of performing stunts due to its sheer weight, making it anywhere but useful for Stunt Run events.


Stunt Boost can be used at any time so long as there is boost in the boost bar. It can be refilled by performing dangerous Driving Skills such as driving in oncoming traffic and near missing vehicles but can also be refilled much quicker by drifting, executing jumps, flat spins and other Stunts.

The boost bar can also be filled by performing aggressive actions such as Taking down rivals but will not earn as much as an Aggression boost vehicle would earn.

There is a penalty for Stunt Boost if tapped instead of used in large bursts. The tap strategy is where the boost button is tapped in order to give the vehicle quicker acceleration. This strategy in a Stunt Car can cause a full boost bar to run dry in under four seconds but using the entire bar in a single activation will deplete it in 16 seconds.


Manufacturer Vehicles Manufacturer Vehicles
Carson emblem 13 Hunter emblem 12
Jansen emblem 7 Kitano emblem 3
Krieger emblem 1 Montgomery emblem 6
Nakamura emblem 3 Watson emblem 3


  • Stunt boost was tweaked in the Cagney update so that more of it is used whilst tapping the boost button.



Burnout Paradise - Stunt Run Trailer

The official Stunt car trailer from 2007 (pre-release)