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The Street Storm Grand Prix is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is the thirteenth stage of the Championship and is unlocked by completing The Crystal Freeway.

It is the last Grand Prix in the standard Championship and is composed of 6 races. The selection of tracks is considerably difficult, either due to dense traffic or harsh corners. Crystal Summit Lake, and the newly introduced Big Surf Grove in particular, can pose some problems where cornering is concerned.

The opponents in this Grand Prix are Muscle, Roadster, and SUV. If the player selects any of their opponents vehicles, the Sport will replace the opponent vehicle they selected.


Title Icon Conditions
Sunrise Valley Springs Sunrise Valley Springs B2 thumb Sunny
88 Interchange 88 Interchange B2 thumb Overcast
Big Surf Grove Big Surf Grove B2 thumb Showers
Palm Bay Heights Palm Bay Heights B2 thumb Overcast
Crystal Summit Lake Crystal Summit Lake B2 thumb Snow
Airport Terminal 3 Airport Terminal 3 B2 thumb Overcast


  • Upon winning this Grand Prix, the player is rewarded with a trophy and the Custom Series Qualifier is unlocked.
    • Earning a gold medal in all 6 races also unlocks the Face Off 4 event.
  • Completing the Street Storm Grand Prix contributes, with the 3 other Grand Prix in the Championship, towards unlocking the invulnerability cheat.
  • Earning a gold medal on this stage also contributes towards unlocking the Infinite Boost cheat.