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The Stock C175 Super is a muscle car available for Crash events in Burnout: Revenge. It is a clean and repaired version of the Stock C170 Mid. Compared to its rusty counterpart, this vehicle is heavier (ranked as "Heavy" instead of "Medium") and has a more powerful crashbreaker.


The Stock C175 is the Deluxe version of the C170 Mid. It features a slight increase in speed and weight from its original counterpart. The extra 5 MPH isn't a terrific help, but the upgrade from Medium to Heavy Weight makes the vehicle stronger and more resistant to wind while leaving the acceleration and handling untouched. The Crashbreaker is also upgraded by not one, but two extra points.

Represented as a car of Motor City, the Stock C175 Super has a Michigan license plate that reads DT-CR-01 (Detroit Crasher 1).

Colors that can be selected include red, black, white, dark blue, yellow, orange, dark red, and blue 

How to Unlock[]

PS2/Xbox Get a Bronze Medal Lone Peak Crash Mount Crushmore in a Rank 4.

Xbox 360 Get a Bronze Medal Central Route Crash Grand Master Crash in a Rank 2.

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