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The Stock C170 Mid is a crash vehicle in Burnout Revenge. It is a junky old car with lots of broken parts. It is the first vehicle you get in crash mode (Unless you have a Burnout 3 or Madden 06 save on your system)

The Stock C170 Mid is the only available starting crash vehicle in Burnout Revenge unless players start a new game with an available Burnout 3: Takedown or Madden 06 save. It is a mid-ranged speed crash vehicle with medium weight. It performs well in early crash events and is easily maneuverable but it has a rather weak crashbreaker.

The only colors that this car can be painted are grey, blue, white, and red. A black finish is featured in the HD version.

How to Unlock[]

You get this vehicle at the start of the game.


Apart from the headlights and the tailights, it somewhat resembles the 1969 Dodge Charger.

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