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Stephen (Steve) Root is an audio director / composer for the film and game industry.

Stephen trained at Goldsmiths College in London before entering the games industry and spent nine years working within the audio industry. In 1995 he worked on the film Eye of the Beholder. He subsequently became the audio director of the United Kingdom branch of Acclaim Entertainment were was responsible for the music of classics such as Alien Trilogy, Die Hard, Hexen and the Extreme-G series. He also formed "The Swarm" Dominic Glynn. The pair scored the atmospheric electronic scores to Forsaken and Re-Volt together.

In 2001 Root joined Guildford game developer Criterion Games as senior orchestrator. During his six years at Criterion he successfully built up one of the most highly regarded audio teams in the industry and ensured that his teams deliver outstanding and critical acclaimed content. He and Steve Emney were responsible for creating the music for Airblade, Burnout and Burnout 2. They both also made composed songs for Burnout 3. However, most of them were never used, due to EA Trax.

Root remained audio director of the company following Criterion’s acquisition by Electronic Arts but no longer personally produces compositions. The latest Burnout titles have featured licensed music chosen by EA in Los Angeles. Black featured an acclaimed orchestral score by Chris Tilton and Michael Giacchino overseen by Root.

Root nevertheless continues to create compositions in his spare time and recently scored the film "The Crate."