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Star Ratings is a feature exclusive to Burnout Revenge. They determine how much the player progresses through their Revenge Ranks.

Affecting Rating[]

The rating increases by peforming dangerous stunts, and decreases as you drive non-dangerously. The rating can be increased by:

  • Burning, Oncoming and takedowns help keeping the boost bar filled temporarly.
  • Takedowns
  • Traffic checking
  • Air Time
  • Drifting

Earning a bronze medal in an event will drop a rating, silver will leave it as it is and gold will increase it (so if you achieved Awesome! you will get Perfect!)

In Crash mode, there still is Star Ratings, but they will eventually increase as traffic crashes.


The following can be earned:

  • OK
  • GOOD
  • PERFECT (only if you have an awesome rating and won a gold medal)

In Revenge Ranks[]

The maximum stars you can earn in an event is 5. As you collect stars, the closer you are to being an Elite. If you replay an event you won\t get any stars (except if you had any missings stars and later performed better) so you have to play new events to increase your rank. You do not have to perfect every event to reach the elite rank, and if you already done it and you earn more stars, they will not be used to "increase" ranks anymore.